Who I am and why I am here today?

Hi! I am Ryan Bonn Duadua, a registered license Real Estate Broker from Philippines. I got my license last year 2012. But before I’ve became a real estate broker, I am in Chemical Engineering practice and I used to be a quality control inspector in a manufacturing firm for almost 3 years in City of Davao. Davao is a very livable place but I have to leave the city for a certain reason…… I decided to live in Pasig City and got married last 2005 and got my first job as an encoder but it’s just for only 4 months….. Opportunity comes in, I got hired in Technological Institute of the Philippines in Manila as a Chemistry and Physics Laboratory personnel. I continue my practice in chemical engineering in this institution for 6 years.

I have so many ups and downs in my life. But still I remember one of my mentors told me, “If you don’t like it, then get out of that mesh, and follow your passion, because your passion makes you the best in the future – Francis Lao”. FAILURES come in but I take it as learning and continue what I want to do in life.

Until year 2010, I got interested in real estate selling and investing, and that’s the beginning of my real estate career last April 2012. It’s been more than 3 years of my career as a real estate broker and a blogger. Blogging is a great help for me especially in my profession and a very young real estate broker in terms of experience, as my platform in selling and promoting real estate properties. I used it as my LEAD GENERATION and my personal branding as well. I also found my blogs very successful throughout the year because I learn to socialize, sharing knowledge, helping with other bloggers instead of just sitting right at the corner doing nothing.

I also teach online marketing, lead generation and basic social media advertising in a small group.

Six months from now, hope I will find more bloggers like me that have very interesting topics in their blogs.

Five years from now, I really hope that I could help more people and real estate developers selling and promoting their properties online as one of the backbone of our economic development in Philippines.

Hopefully, while focusing in my career, I could establish my very own online marketing platform.

If you want to know me more, just click on the “ABOUT THE AUTHOR” on the left side of my blog site.

Hope we could have a great business together. GOD BLESS!!