The Corral: Scale and Observation


A corral stone in Animazola Islad

Using the scale and observation, you always use the focal points of your camera. Observing first the scene before pressing the shutter makes difference. The corral stone became larger and it is the primary subject of the Point-of-view.

You may also apply in scale and observation, the Rule of Thirds.


Mayon Volcano: An active volcano yet one of the wonders of nature


Mayon Volcano in Legazpi City, Albay


Mayon Volcano and Mt. Isarog from left

I had about 180 degree view from where I stood. Mayon volcano is a distinctive active volcano from east. From the otherside is the Mt. Isarog.

In the foreground, we have the ricefield. The sun rises in between the mountains that give a glimpse to the travellers in the road. A great picturesque. Mayon Volcano was once listed as Wonders of the World because of its cone shape that no other volcanoes has.

This is one of my establishing shots, captured landscape, and observed the natural world during my travel in Bicol Region.


I will be posting the other side of Mayon Volcano from Cagsaua view point. 

Photos were taken last March 25, 2016 at Legazpi City, Albay.


Animazola Island: Perfectly carved by nature


Animazola Island: Perfectly Carved by Nature

At the “Animazola Island” part of Burias Islands in Claveria, Masbate, Philippines. Perfectly carved by strong waves of typhoons in this area. Still, it’s a living tourism site — both locals from nearby provinces and foreign tourists. Visitors climb over, take a swim in a pool-like nature tubs, and behind, seeking hidden crannies.

In some areas, are stone formations.


I took this photo last March 26, 2016 during Black Saturday of lenten season.


The Author: Ryan Bonn in Animazola Island

Hope you will visit this small yet amazing islet in Islands of Burias in Masbate to see the perfectly carved edges and alignment done by NATURE.