Pililla Wind Farm: Your next travel destination in the Philippines

If you love windmills and rolling hills, you’re going to love this place!


Passing by the various towns of Rizal – Taytay (through Ortigas extension), Antipolo City, Teresa, Baras, Tanay and Pililla is nearer than Ilocos.

Just two hours away from Metro Manila, this new site of wind farm is a great place to visit on a weekend. Quicker way is via Sumulong Hi-Way in Antipolo. If you came from Pasig City, you may take Ortigas Extension via Tikling in Taytay, Rizal province.

There’s no entrance fee (better see this site as soon as possible). At the viewing deck, there is a coffee shop and souvenir shop (you may also try to buy items from the residents outside from the viewing deck near parking area), a public toilet and parking areas.


A view of Laguna de Bay

And the bonuses are cool weather, a great panoramic view that gives more angles for taking photos and a sunset in Laguna de Bay.

Pililla Wind Farm is located in Sitio Bugarin, Barangay Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal is a nearer alternative to Bangui Wind Farm. Best time to visit the place for picture taking and relaxation is during early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Facts about Pililla Wind Farm:

  1. It has 27 wind turbines that produce 2 megawatts each.
  2. It stands 125 meters tall.
  3. It generates 54 megawatts of clean energy. Enough for 66,000 households.
  4. The said project covers an area of 4,515 hectares.
  5. It was constructed by Alternergy Wind One Corporation.
  6. It was developed since December 2008.

Visit this amazing work of man in Pililla Wind Farm in Pililla, Rizal Province, Philippines.