Featuring Jack Ma on his tips to become successful


Last year 2015, I notice this guy in Facebook and became viral. His name was Jack Ma, a CEO and Founder of Alibaba. I became interested to him, his life from childhood, knowing how crazy this guy during his childhood and how he became one of the richest man in China and listed in Forbes. I used “Jack Ma” as keyword to search in Google to know him more.

According to Bloomberg, Jack Ma now has a net worth about $22 Billion. How did he become China’s richest man? Here are some Tips from Jack Ma.

  1. Value Attitude.

Jack Ma learned from his biggest mistake, when he told his employees whom embarked on entrepreneurship journey, that the highest position that they could go was managerial position. And for Executive positions, he will hire from external parties.

Years later, those he hired were gone and those he doubted and didn’t believe became Vice Presidents and Executives.

Jack learned from this mistake and now believed in two principles. Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. Be with same minded people.

According to Jack Ma, 30% of all people will never believe you. Be with people who have common goal. You cannot unify people with different set of goals. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!

Jack Ma’s learning from his biggest mistake. Ma hires enthusiastic entrepreneurs instead of seasoned businessmen. He prefers dedication, those who are natural-born leaders, adaptable, and dedicated to a common goal.

Jack Ma says, “It is a lot easier to unite the company under common goal rather than uniting the company around a particular person”.

  1. Have a clear vision

15 years ago Jack Ma shares his vision in his tiny living room for his team. Jack Ma said to them, “Today, we are all here to discuss what we should do in the next five to ten years”.

He shares his VISION of what he wanted to accomplish. They developed a Business Plan for this vision. They calculated a COST. Then, converted his vision to MISSION. And the team developed on how to COMMUNICATE this mission on what you want to be accomplished.

Let us always remember, “All achievement, all earned riches have their beginning as an idea” – Napoleon Hill.

  1. Be Driven.

Knowing what you want to achieve and having the drive to chase it down will not only put you on the path to success, it will inspire those around you to work hard for that common goal.

Everyone talks about change and became successful, but those who actually do it are exceptional individuals. These people came with disruptive innovations that break from status quo and carve their own path.

You have to be more diligent, hardworking, and ambitious than others.

  1. Don’t Give Up.

Harvard University rejected Jack Ma 10 times. He was also rejected by nearly 30 companies. A man behind of Alibaba has full of failures. Many rejections in his life. In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed twice in his Primary School examinations!  He failed thrice during his Middle School exams.

“When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job.  Twenty-three people were accepted.  I was the only guy who wasn’t.” He also one of the 5 applicants to a job in Police force and was the only one getting rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.” He is just a 5-foot guy.

But Jack Ma personifies the saying, “Failure is the key to success”. According to him, “giving up is the greatest failure, if you go out, try your best and fail to achieve your goal but see it through to the end you are a success”.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”.  Jack Ma said.

Recognizing that you failed but learning from it is the start of your journey to success.

  1. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Forget the Money and forget about earning MONEY. I always tell myself that we are born here not to work, but to enjoy life, according to Jack Ma. No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it!

  1. Don’t Make Enemies.

A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. There will always be people out there who we don’t click and who do not like us. His main philosophy when it comes to dealing with his competitors is that, he doesn’t see them as enemies but people that he can learn from it. Once you understand this, sky’s the limit.

Jack Ma said, “Competition is similar to playing a board of chess. If you lose, we can always have another round. Both players should never fight”.

  1. Make it a habit.

China is one of the poorest in speaking English. But Jack Ma, has limited resources in order to learn English, he decided to go every morning in Shangri-La Hotel and pick up western tourist to give them free tours of his hometown, HangZhou, in return for his English lessons. He did this every morning for almost 9 years rain or snow.

Once you practice it, you make it a habit, and became part of you!

Alibaba Group now has multiple forms of e-commerce platforms. He also invested in real estate, like buying a vineyard in France. If you want to become like Jack Ma, follow his tips and advises.
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