Featuring Jack Ma on his tips to become successful


Last year 2015, I notice this guy in Facebook and became viral. His name was Jack Ma, a CEO and Founder of Alibaba. I became interested to him, his life from childhood, knowing how crazy this guy during his childhood and how he became one of the richest man in China and listed in Forbes. I used “Jack Ma” as keyword to search in Google to know him more.

According to Bloomberg, Jack Ma now has a net worth about $22 Billion. How did he become China’s richest man? Here are some Tips from Jack Ma.

  1. Value Attitude.

Jack Ma learned from his biggest mistake, when he told his employees whom embarked on entrepreneurship journey, that the highest position that they could go was managerial position. And for Executive positions, he will hire from external parties.

Years later, those he hired were gone and those he doubted and didn’t believe became Vice Presidents and Executives.

Jack learned from this mistake and now believed in two principles. Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. Be with same minded people.

According to Jack Ma, 30% of all people will never believe you. Be with people who have common goal. You cannot unify people with different set of goals. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!

Jack Ma’s learning from his biggest mistake. Ma hires enthusiastic entrepreneurs instead of seasoned businessmen. He prefers dedication, those who are natural-born leaders, adaptable, and dedicated to a common goal.

Jack Ma says, “It is a lot easier to unite the company under common goal rather than uniting the company around a particular person”.

  1. Have a clear vision

15 years ago Jack Ma shares his vision in his tiny living room for his team. Jack Ma said to them, “Today, we are all here to discuss what we should do in the next five to ten years”.

He shares his VISION of what he wanted to accomplish. They developed a Business Plan for this vision. They calculated a COST. Then, converted his vision to MISSION. And the team developed on how to COMMUNICATE this mission on what you want to be accomplished.

Let us always remember, “All achievement, all earned riches have their beginning as an idea” – Napoleon Hill.

  1. Be Driven.

Knowing what you want to achieve and having the drive to chase it down will not only put you on the path to success, it will inspire those around you to work hard for that common goal.

Everyone talks about change and became successful, but those who actually do it are exceptional individuals. These people came with disruptive innovations that break from status quo and carve their own path.

You have to be more diligent, hardworking, and ambitious than others.

  1. Don’t Give Up.

Harvard University rejected Jack Ma 10 times. He was also rejected by nearly 30 companies. A man behind of Alibaba has full of failures. Many rejections in his life. In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed twice in his Primary School examinations!  He failed thrice during his Middle School exams.

“When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job.  Twenty-three people were accepted.  I was the only guy who wasn’t.” He also one of the 5 applicants to a job in Police force and was the only one getting rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.” He is just a 5-foot guy.

But Jack Ma personifies the saying, “Failure is the key to success”. According to him, “giving up is the greatest failure, if you go out, try your best and fail to achieve your goal but see it through to the end you are a success”.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”.  Jack Ma said.

Recognizing that you failed but learning from it is the start of your journey to success.

  1. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Forget the Money and forget about earning MONEY. I always tell myself that we are born here not to work, but to enjoy life, according to Jack Ma. No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it!

  1. Don’t Make Enemies.

A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. There will always be people out there who we don’t click and who do not like us. His main philosophy when it comes to dealing with his competitors is that, he doesn’t see them as enemies but people that he can learn from it. Once you understand this, sky’s the limit.

Jack Ma said, “Competition is similar to playing a board of chess. If you lose, we can always have another round. Both players should never fight”.

  1. Make it a habit.

China is one of the poorest in speaking English. But Jack Ma, has limited resources in order to learn English, he decided to go every morning in Shangri-La Hotel and pick up western tourist to give them free tours of his hometown, HangZhou, in return for his English lessons. He did this every morning for almost 9 years rain or snow.

Once you practice it, you make it a habit, and became part of you!

Alibaba Group now has multiple forms of e-commerce platforms. He also invested in real estate, like buying a vineyard in France. If you want to become like Jack Ma, follow his tips and advises.
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Be Inspired by this Letter



A letter to her love one that she had indebtedness. I really admire the writer wishes or promises to repaying back after her schooling.

I remember in my teenage days, I go to school and learn something better for my future. But unknowingly, my parents do unconditional efforts just to let their children finished their studies.

My elder sister is now a Registered Nurse and my brother is an Accountant. And I graduated in Chemical Engineering school in Davao City and now practicing real estate brokerage here in Manila. And until now hoping to repay them back their efforts. And hopefully I could!

If I will ask you right now.

How many children are being sent to school every day but have no interest to learn?

How many children right now are interested to go to school and wanted to learn yet their parents or love ones do not have the capacity to pay their tuition fees?

Beyond this statement: “I feel sorry because I can’t give you what you want.”

An unconditional love, leaving no penny for him just to let this girl finishes her study.  Focusing only to let the girl finishes her study and gets a good job.

Wishing this girl could get a better job! Always remember, you can do all things. God bless you!

Read this letter: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN


Nirwana Bali is now in Philippines at South Forbes


Nirwana Bali

Nirwana Bali
“Nirwana Bali” is a known brand of Pan Pacific near Indian Ocean. A golf course with luscious fairways,amazing setting and challenging course. (A review from TripAdvisor)
And now South Forbes brought this world-class design as your dream home at the setting of a Golf Course – Nirwana Bali by South Forbes.
Nirwana Bali is conceived to be a relaxing tropical community where the private and tranquil atmosphere will encourage everyone to shed off their worries, allowing for a better quality of life. Relax and forget your worries when you come home to the relaxing tropical commnunity that is Nirwana Bali.
Equipped with spacious living facilities, two model homes – Legian and Sanur– will provide a holiday-like experience that surpasses any star-rated hotel or resort.
Theme: Asian-Modern Balinese
Total Area: 5 has.
Number of Lots: 143 Lots
Lot Sizes: 150 sqm. and up
Price Range: Php2.1 Million (Philippine Peso) and up
House Models


Model Units

Features and Amenities
Main entrance gate
Clubhouse/Multi-Purpose Hall
Swimming pool
Driving Range
Golf Course
Lot Cost start at PhP14,500 per sqm.
At South Forbes, we REDEFINE LIFE!
For further questions or inquiries, do get in touch with me and I promise to respond as soon as possible.
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One Central Makati Condo for Sale near Ayala Avenue

Are you looking for a Ready-For-Occupancy units in Makati City, near in Ayala Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue? One Central Makati Condominium property is the right place to start and your ADDRESS OF SUCCESS in Makati.


At the bar near the pool

A stand alone yet near at the Top Companies like RCBC, Sycip Gorres Velayo and Company, Convergys Philippines Service Center and other top Business Process Outsourcing Companies. And, One Central Makati is very near in a Makati’s trading floor, The Philippine Stock Exchange in Ayala Tower One, in which also the home and headquarters of Ayala Corporation. There are more than 8 headquarters of the top listed companies and corporations nearby and assuring its great opportunity and investment.

One Central Makati is in the heart of Makati Central Business District (CBD) with dynamic population of corporate achievers and creative spirits. With 9.65 Billion city income in second quarter of 2013, known as the RICHEST CITY in the PHILIPPINES and rapidly growing expatriate population.

Now, I will take you to the sample units available.


Fully-Furnished Condo at One Central Makati

This is the one of the fully-furnished units at One Central Makati at 56 square meters in floor area, 1-bedroom and 1 toilet and bath.


The Kitchen with Microwave oven, refrigerator and also overhead cabinets

Megaworld’s trademark, they are offering this kind and amazing kitchen with microwave oven, refrigerator and overhead cabinets, in which other condominiums don’t offer.



The kitchen with range hood

A glimmering kitchen with fridge, range hood and 2-plate of cooking range. Do you know other developers offers like this?

Megaworld’s One Cenral Makati also delivers a bath tub to its clients.


The toilet and Bath with tub

The toilet and bath with Bath Tub where you can relax after the working hours.

One Central Condominium is another top of the line project of Megaworld Properties. It is a ready-for-occupancy unit and it will be delivered to the buyer as a fully-furnished unit and typical condo units only.


Swimming Pool with sunbathing area.


At the Swimming pool.

Mini Bar Restaurant in which near the swimming floor. That you could unwind with your friends.


The wine and bar cellar of the project

Fitness Gym with SPA


The Fitness Gym and SPA

Kiddie or Nursery room

condo-for-sale-near-makati-with kiddie-nursery-rooms

Kiddie and Nursery Room

A kiddie nursery rooms, which we will mold your children as a good citizens.

Our other amenities are as follows:

Game room
Function rooms

We knew that you are looking for a condominium near Ayala in Makati and Along Buendia ( Gil Puyat Avenue ).

In this property, we implement “No Agent, No Viewing” Policy.

Transact with professional brokers accredited to Megaworld Prime Properties Investment Group only.

Call us today! Mobile # +63927-882-5517

Or fill-up this form for more details.

The Ritz Clark in Pampanga, Philippines Next Hot Condotel Real Estate Property in Southeast Asia

When I get affiliated in Cariño Development and Management Corporation. I found this great 3-star Hotel and soon will be a LANDMARK in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines – THE RITZ CLARK.
I would like to share with you THE RITZ CLARK is the next HOT INCOME GENERATING HOTEL ………
The newest condotel project and soon be operated as a Hotel and Soon be managed by Best Western Premier located within Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga.
Launched in 2013, units are currently available for sale. Open for local and international investors.
I’d like to give you the great opportunity to own your very own piece of hotel units; but before that,
Why Condotel?….. Condotel is the BEST form of real estate right now, because it gives immediate cash flow, no waiting needed for the property to appreciate as it is income generating from the very beginning. Low maintenance properties, someone else maintains it, rents it out, manages it and reports on its cash flows.
And now we are proud to unveil its and exclusively condotel, hotel or contel investment….
The Ritz Clark in Angeles City, Pampanga.
Located in Magsaysay corner Rizal Street, Plaridel 1, Malabanias Angeles City, Pampanga.
The Ritz Clark Vicinity Map
This condotel will have a total of 95 units that will soon be managed by Best Western Premier.

Soon be managed by BEST WESTERN PREMIER

It is strategically located to flourishing business centers in Clark Freeport Zone, restaurants, Bars, Casinos and major malls that takes as a generator for your cash flow.
Why Choose The Ritz Clark?
The Ritz is a showcase of ultimate hotel experience and soon will be managed and operated by BEST WESTERN PREMIER.
Best Western Premier is a recognized leader in Global Hospitality Industry.

Best Western Premier

What’s in it for investors?
Free 8 accommodation nights per yer (exchangeable to any vacation homes like in Palawan and Boracay developed by the same developer).

The Hotel Rooms Perspective

No Association Dues.
And Hotel Income.

Projected Revenue

The term TCP is total contract price per unit in 34.2 square meter floor area. F&A means furnishings and appliances in which and additional payment upon turnover. And ROI means Return of investment.  

Take a step closer to FINANCIAL FREEDOM! OWN, USE and EARN from a prime property! Soon will rise and be managed by Best Western Premier! 


Take note this is not a TIME SHARE! It’s your own property generating an income!

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me at your convenience, latest availability or to see our dollhouse mock-ups.

Hope you enjoy reading this article!

Please do contact me should you be interested in our newest real estate investment!


Ryan Bonn C. Duadua

Real Estate Broker

NCORE Realty and Associates

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1-Bedroom Condo For Sale in Commonwealth Quezon City Near Ever Gotesco

Condo For Sale in Residences at Commonwealth Quezon City Near Ever Gotesco


Commonwealth Residences by Century

Commonwealth Residences by Century

From Broadway Malyan, the same urban planners that created Azure Urban Resort Residences, and Acqua Private Residences, Residences at Commonwealth by Century will take its place as one of the most beautiful residential masterplan ever created for Quezon City.

This awe-inspiring new address will form the area’s first true vertical village, combining cutting-edge architecture and state of the art engineering, with landscaping and waterscaping never before seen in projects within this category.

Residences at Commonwealth by Century Properties in Quezon City is the very first condominium project by this visionary developer in Quezon City, Philippines. The word “Innovation” is now the key for any real estate developer to be even more competitive in the market, Century Properties Philippines is the best developer today in the Philippines in terms of innovation.

Century Properties is a well known condominium property developer from Knightsbridge Residences, Gramercy Condominium, Azure Urban Resort Residences,   Aqua Residences Condominium in Mandaluyong accross Rockwell in Makati, the great Trump Tower in Makati and  now comes another exciting condominium project in Quezon City, Philippines. Residences at Commonwealth by Century Properties Philippines.



Commonwealth is a vision whose time has come. Located right in the heart of the bustling Commonwealth, QC, Commonwealth by Century will become a true benchmark for residential living in the area. Immediately accessible and close to top schools, shopping centers, churches and major thoroughfares, it is a location that has long been deserving of quality real estate development.

Spaces of units


Each unit in every tower reflects a keen understanding of the economies of space with true usability in every layout. The angled and shallow floor plates are optimized for daylight penetration and natural ventilation and also provide opportunities for diverse viewing angles either out over the central open space or onto the adjacent periphery of the site.

Designed by the award-winning firm Broadway Malyan with Century’s in-house architecture team, the eight residential towers of CPG’s Commonwealth project are named after the prominent personalities of the Commonwealth period.


Osmeña West, the first building, will rise at 11 floors with 200 units and will be delivered in 2015. Succeeding buildings such as the Quezon, Roxas, Osmeña and Quirino towers will rise to as high as 22 stories.

Units will come in suites and one-bedroom configurations that range from 21 to 49 square meters with an average price of P80,000 per square meter.

1-Bedroom Suite

floor-commonwealth-Residences-condo-for-sale-fashion-versace-affordable-units-2-bedroom-1-bedroom-low-equity-mandaluyong-rockwell-center-masterplan ???????

Unit types

  1. Suite (model unit)
  2. Suite (standard bare)
  3. 1-Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, br)
  4. 1- Bedroom (standard bare unit)
  5. 2- Bedroom (living room, dining, kitchen, kid’s room, balcony)


Commonwealth by Century will feature accommodations for a wide variety of pursuits with a majority of amenities built into the truly majestic and architecturally awe-inspiring clubhouse – a three-storey complex designed to mirror the progression of the individual from the formative years to adulthood.

A multitude of other delightful amenities are also planted along the development’s central area flanked by the 8 towers, perfecting the entire Commonwealth experience.

Like the story of moving water along which these amenities are built, these spaces will satisfy every kind of recreational appetite from the energetic to the meditative.

  • Basketball courts
  • Badminton courts
  • Athletic bootcamp
  • The Orchard
  • Fitness center
  • Garden
  • Water garden
  • Yoga deck
  • Creche and Kindergarten
  • Study and Library
  • Arts and crafts studio
  • School of Rock
  • Cooking studio and kitchen
  • Screening room


Commonwealth by Century will be a haven for your family’s safety with:

  • a 24/365 full time security force
  • well-planned and well-lit vehicle parking
  • integrated closed-circuit cameras and fast action medical and security staff
  • on call all hours of the day and night
  • each building will have round-the-clock maintenance, doormen, engineering and reception to ensure that all your needs are attended to
  • the central amenities will also be protected by roving watchmen and kept pristine by the award-winning property management company Century Properties Management, Inc.

Why invest in Residences at Commonwealth by Century Properties?


1. Accessible to major thoroughfares.

2. Accessible to Malls, Supermarkets and Wet Markets.

3. Accessible to Major and Exclusive Schools such as University of The Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, Far Eastern University, Meriam College, New Era University and other schools.

4. Accessible to major hospitals.

5. Commonwealth has a 12-lane highway accessible to City of Manila, Marikina City, Pasig City, Taguig via C5 avenue – Katipunan road. Also Accessible to North Luzon Provinces in which a good destination to Baguio City the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

6. Quezon City is the fastest growing city in terms of its domestic economic profits, and good for business investment from small to big enterprises. Quezon City is fast becoming a center of gravity for economic developments, as it works to be at par with international business standards. including business process outsourcing [BPO] establishments, hotel and retail shops, while generating close to 200,000 jobs during its entire development


Contact us now and be one step closer to a dream uncommon.






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EMAIL: ryanbonn.centuryproperties@gmail.com / ryanbonnduadua@gmail.com

Grand Monaco Homes – House and Lot For Sale in Taytay, Rizal

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.



Safe location has become the foremost concern of buyers. “All our properties are flood-free. Developers of flood-free properties are going to ride the tide of a robust real estate sector, and are giving the investors a peace of mind”. Offering affordable quality homes has always been the company’s mission. Grand Monaco projects are mostly subdivisions, townhouses and single two-storey four-bedroom units, prices ranging from P2 to P4.5million. GM houses are designed with a specific Mediterranean look particularly the architecture of Monaco, which is Dr. Carpio’s inspiration following a month-long trip to the city state in Europe years back.





Jollibee Foods


Gasoline Stations

Baptist Church

SM Taytay

Max Restaurant

The Gate Bars and Resto

Valley Fair

5 minutes away to Robinsons Cainta (Big R)

15 minutes away to Antipolo Church


Palmera Hills 1 to 6



Zuri Residences


Buses going to Ortigas, Shaw Blvd., Greenhills and Quiapo

Public Utility Vehicles are available to Ortigas, Shaw Blvd, Marcos Highway and Cubao

Shuttles are available for Cubao, Ayala and LRT stations





Selling Price: PhP 4,734,899.40 (Single Attached House)

PhP 3,607,220.30 (Townhouse)

20% Downpayment, 80% loanable to the bank.

Downpayment terms payable in 3 months.

P25,000 Reservation fee for Townhouse.

Php 30,000 Reservation fee for Single Attached.


For more information and Reservations

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Ryan Bonn C. Duadua

Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Antipolo City – House and Lot For Sale in Grand Monaco at Pre-selling Price


Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.


Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc. began in 1987 as a construction company working on sub-contracts from larger and older companies in the industry. It quickly gained a reputation for solid and dependable performance and, in time, achieved a Triple A status as a full-pledged contractor. The company – a 2010 Global Achiever Awardee on Real Estate Housing Development (Asia’s Housing Czar) from the Asia-Pacific Awards Council (World Trade Center, October 7, 2010) is working on its ISO Certification in pursuit of continuing global excellence.

In 2003, GMEDI ventured into real estate and housing developments. It started with pocket-sized development consisting of a dozen to 30 houses in each project mostly within the cities of Pasay, Quezon, Pasig and nearby towns and cities of Rizal province. Since then, GMEDI has grown into a multimillion-peso real estate company that has produced and sold more than a thousand houses in the upper low-cost and middle income categories. The company has established strong ties with the banking institutions and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) which provides us the funding support and in turn assists our homebuyers in their housing loans. GMEDI also has in-house financing programs that offer convenient and affordable modes of payment.


Safe location has become the foremost concern of buyers. “All our properties are flood-free. Developers of flood-free properties are going to ride the tide of a robust real estate sector, and are giving the investors a peace of mind”. Offering affordable quality homes has always been the company’s mission. Grand Monaco projects are mostly subdivisions, townhouses and single two-storey four-bedroom units, prices ranging from P2 to P4.5million. GM houses are designed with a specific Mediterranean look particularly the architecture of Monaco, which is Dr. Carpio’s inspiration following a month-long trip to the city state in Europe years back.


Grand Monaco Alegria

M. Santos Extension, San Jose, Antipolo City

Prices from: Php 1.734M to Php 2.08M

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Single Attached Floor Plan and Features:

3 Bedrooms, 1 T&B and Laundry Area

Individual Parking

Cable Ready & Telephone Provisions

MWSS and MERALCO Utilities

CCTV Camera Security

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.


M. Santos Extension, San Jose, Antipolo City

Prices Ranges from: Php 1.976M to Php 3M

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.

Single Attached Floor Plan and Features:

4 Bedrooms, 3 T&B and Laundry Area

Individual Parking

Cable Ready & Telephone Provisions

MWSS and MERALCO Utilities

CCTV Camera Security

Floor Plans:

Grand Monaco Estate Developers Inc.


1. Antipolo Church

2. Antipolo City Hall

3. Antipolo Police Station

4. Pranuetto Restaurant

5. Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences

6. Lores Market

7. Antipolo Doctors Hospital

8. Unciano Medical Hospital

9. Shopwise


Unit Description: Townhouse or Commercial Townhouse

     Lot Area  : 52 Square Meters (inner units)

     Floor Area: 65 Square Meters (bldg. area)

     Cost per unit (Bare Finish): Php 1,976,000

     20% Downpayment           : Php    395,200

     Net Selling Price               : Php 1,580,800

     Less Reservation Fee        : Php      25,000

     Selling Price                     : Php 1,555,800

Perfect Place for your family. At low prices in a Flood Free Locations.


All projects are Flood Free at the lowest rates in Antipolo and Taytay Rizal.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Here are the top 10 plus onereasons that Real Estate can be a great wealth building strategy.

1.  While values have gone up and down in the short term, real estate has gone up in value over the long term.
2.  Everyone needs a place to live.
3.  If you look at most wealthy people, they have real estate holdings.
4.  Land is scarce.  There is only so much of it.
5.  You can use the power of leverage.
6.  You can use other people’s money or Bank-Financing.
7.  There are tax saving advantages.
8.  It is a high ticket item, so profit dollars are higher per transaction.
9.  There are many different ways to invest.
10. You can start with little or no money.
11. You can be cool when you tell your friends what you do!

For more information, I am happy to hear from you

and present to you these projects.


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