Solitude : Alone and Happy

The Wilderness of Life by Ryan Bonn Duadua

The Wilderness of Life by Ryan Bonn Duadua (Photo taken in Sun Valley, Antipolo City)

During the time of solitude, you value your thoughts, refresh what are the important things and throw the wasted memories in life. As we go on in our daily task in life, we always have wilderness in life.


Rule of Three: Photo taken at the backyard in Pasig City by Ryan Bonn Duadua

Sometimes it is a nightmare, happiness or only a dream. No matter what it is, it depends on the quality of being alone and happy.

Just always remember, “The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.” – Nancy Wynne Newhall

Always be happy and great!



Eternal Bliss


Our Lady of Rosary of Manaoag, Pangasinan PH

Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, the healing shrine in the heart of Luzon. Pilgrims came to seek healing. A religious iconic church which often prayers are said to be done. This church is a good place to pray for your great request and needs.

In this place, nothing is more important than reconnecting our eternal bliss with our Creator. I must go beyond the state of mind of spiritual bliss.

As I pray sincerely, it brings me satisfaction and pure bliss in my daily life.

Water: Driving force of life


A travel to Balicasag Island with my wife

I took this photo last April 2011 in Panglao, Bohol. Almost 5 years already.

As we sail to BALICASAG ISLAND in Bohol, we never know what is coming in this body of water, a small wave or a big one. But we trust our sailor because he is more experience than us. He knows how to maneuver the boat fluently even there is a big wave.

I always remember that water is a driving force of nature. It creates life and abundance that leave you fulfillment in life.

Always remember, we all have the same wind that blows on us all. It could be a wind of failures, political, etc. What matters is how we set the sail. How we focus on our dreams. How we set the sail to our goals in life. How deeper we believe on our dreams.

It is how we organize our plans to make all things done.

Water is part of our lives. A man can learn so many things.


Street: Different stories of life

Photo 101 - Street

Street and Establishing shots

I just want to know who you are, what your uniqueness is and what your story is.

Hundreds of passersby in this street in Antipolo City, many reasons why they cross this street. Many visit the church of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Antipolo (Nuestra Señora de la Paz y del Buen Viaje) and some passed by.

As I go along and watched every person in this street, I notice that we have different stories in life. A Street filled with mystery and inspirations. After taking this photo, I stop in a “Carinderia”, an eatery near the church. The person who served my lunch has different story. The person who cooked the delicious DINUGUAN and BICOL Express has his own story.


Sampaguita Vendor

Every person walked and drive pass in the eatery have their own story. The woman that selling a “Sampaguita lace” have her own story. The students, who are laughing, have their different stories.

Pilgrimage during the Holy Friday, customarily spend the night travelling on foot to Antipolo, where they are greeted at the shrine with a dawn mass have their own story.

There are series of events in life that lead us to great experiences. Failures, nightmares, or even achievements. No matter what it is, we create our own story, story of crossing every street in our lives, meeting new people that with dreams and sharing their life to you. What matters is you create your own story, a life with a reason and a season of love and happiness that bring you joy in every decision you make while walking in the street of life.

What is your own story in the street? It’s now your turn to share.

Rent-to-own Palm Beach Villas Condo For Sale in Pasay


Real Estate Apartment condominiums for sale and rentals

Palm Beach Villas is located inside METROPARK in MACAPAGAL AVENUE, EDSA AND ROXAS BOULEVARD inside Federal Land Inc.’s 40 hectares master-planned real estate condominium development in the Bay Area near Mall of Asia Complex.

It celebrates holistic lifestyle concept of live, work, learn, play and relax.

A property with a good rental cashflow after turnover.

You only reserve the units for starting PhP20,000.

Investment computations are like a Rent-to-own program.

A. Studio and One bedroom payment
10% Spot downpayment with 2% discount payable in 30 days
11,500 payable in 12 months
14,500 payable in 12 months
16,500 payable in 12 months
18,500 payable in 12 months
Remaining balance for bank financing

B.  Two Bedroom (34.80 to 39 sqm)
10% Spot Down payment with 2% discount payable in 30 days
13,500 payable in 12 months
18,500 payable in 12 months
23,500 payable in 12 months
28,500 payable in 12 months
Remaining balance for bank financing

C. Two Bedroom (46.5 to 51.73 sqm)
10% down payment with 2% discount payable in 30 days
15,000 payable in 12 months
21,000 payable in 12 months
28,000 payable in 12 months
36,000 payable in 12 months
Remaining balance for bank financing.

For more inquiries, kindly fill out the form below.

Palm Beach Villas A Condo for Sale in Pasay Metro Manila

Are you looking for a condo near Edsa? A condo that perfectly match in Las Vegas? A condo just a stone throw away from SM Mall of Asia?

Our realtor said, Don’t invest your Money for Nothing !


Palm Beach Villas by Federal Land

Palm Beach Villas by Horizon Land a subsidiary of
FEDERAL LAND. It offers a greater experience of having a home that all your needs is within your reach.

Just within the Metropolitan Park corner Macapagal Avenue and near EDSA Avenue, Palm Beach Villas is near City of Dreams, SM Mall of Asia, Bluebay Walk, OCEANAIRE International and KAZUO OKADA’s Manila Bay Resorts.


Vicinity Map

From play areas for kids to a game room for teens and a gym for adults – your family is all decked out for family fun. Its a few minutes away from schools like De La Salle University, UP Manila, and St. Scholastica’s College. And access to transportation hubs like MRT, LRT, ferry, and the airport is very easy.

Palm Beach Villas offers a flexible payment terms to all investors for easy ownership of condominium units. A condo for sale just within the budget of middle-class investors.

Is Palm Beach Villas having a great rental potential? Yes, Palm Beach Villas is nearby Entertainment City and Mall of Asia, in which most of the concerts right now are being held. Not only that, there are so many foreign tourists are looking for rental properties near the area.

Investment wise, Palm Beach Villas is an affordable with big units and very accessible to top city entertainment destination in Metro Manila.

In Palm Beach Villas, we give you happier lifestyle. We will help you find your perfect home in the city that fits your lifestyle.

Should you be interested to invest in Palm Beach Villas? Inquire now!

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A must read for investors.

9 Guaranteed Ways to Save for a Downpayment

State of Mind: Will you wait for the sunset?


The Sunset

In life’s reality, we all have different sunsets.

But remember this, no matter what happen we always do the right things in life. We always follow what is true and what we told to do.

We are here to live a happy life. To be with our family. Fellow employees and strangers.

We have different sunsets in our lives. It brings deeper meaning.

No matter what it is, its your State of Mind on how you control the SUNSET in your life.

What is in  your
State of Mind ?

Featuring Jack Ma on his tips to become successful


Last year 2015, I notice this guy in Facebook and became viral. His name was Jack Ma, a CEO and Founder of Alibaba. I became interested to him, his life from childhood, knowing how crazy this guy during his childhood and how he became one of the richest man in China and listed in Forbes. I used “Jack Ma” as keyword to search in Google to know him more.

According to Bloomberg, Jack Ma now has a net worth about $22 Billion. How did he become China’s richest man? Here are some Tips from Jack Ma.

  1. Value Attitude.

Jack Ma learned from his biggest mistake, when he told his employees whom embarked on entrepreneurship journey, that the highest position that they could go was managerial position. And for Executive positions, he will hire from external parties.

Years later, those he hired were gone and those he doubted and didn’t believe became Vice Presidents and Executives.

Jack learned from this mistake and now believed in two principles. Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. Be with same minded people.

According to Jack Ma, 30% of all people will never believe you. Be with people who have common goal. You cannot unify people with different set of goals. It’s IMPOSSIBLE!

Jack Ma’s learning from his biggest mistake. Ma hires enthusiastic entrepreneurs instead of seasoned businessmen. He prefers dedication, those who are natural-born leaders, adaptable, and dedicated to a common goal.

Jack Ma says, “It is a lot easier to unite the company under common goal rather than uniting the company around a particular person”.

  1. Have a clear vision

15 years ago Jack Ma shares his vision in his tiny living room for his team. Jack Ma said to them, “Today, we are all here to discuss what we should do in the next five to ten years”.

He shares his VISION of what he wanted to accomplish. They developed a Business Plan for this vision. They calculated a COST. Then, converted his vision to MISSION. And the team developed on how to COMMUNICATE this mission on what you want to be accomplished.

Let us always remember, “All achievement, all earned riches have their beginning as an idea” – Napoleon Hill.

  1. Be Driven.

Knowing what you want to achieve and having the drive to chase it down will not only put you on the path to success, it will inspire those around you to work hard for that common goal.

Everyone talks about change and became successful, but those who actually do it are exceptional individuals. These people came with disruptive innovations that break from status quo and carve their own path.

You have to be more diligent, hardworking, and ambitious than others.

  1. Don’t Give Up.

Harvard University rejected Jack Ma 10 times. He was also rejected by nearly 30 companies. A man behind of Alibaba has full of failures. Many rejections in his life. In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed twice in his Primary School examinations!  He failed thrice during his Middle School exams.

“When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job.  Twenty-three people were accepted.  I was the only guy who wasn’t.” He also one of the 5 applicants to a job in Police force and was the only one getting rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.” He is just a 5-foot guy.

But Jack Ma personifies the saying, “Failure is the key to success”. According to him, “giving up is the greatest failure, if you go out, try your best and fail to achieve your goal but see it through to the end you are a success”.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”.  Jack Ma said.

Recognizing that you failed but learning from it is the start of your journey to success.

  1. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Forget the Money and forget about earning MONEY. I always tell myself that we are born here not to work, but to enjoy life, according to Jack Ma. No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it!

  1. Don’t Make Enemies.

A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. There will always be people out there who we don’t click and who do not like us. His main philosophy when it comes to dealing with his competitors is that, he doesn’t see them as enemies but people that he can learn from it. Once you understand this, sky’s the limit.

Jack Ma said, “Competition is similar to playing a board of chess. If you lose, we can always have another round. Both players should never fight”.

  1. Make it a habit.

China is one of the poorest in speaking English. But Jack Ma, has limited resources in order to learn English, he decided to go every morning in Shangri-La Hotel and pick up western tourist to give them free tours of his hometown, HangZhou, in return for his English lessons. He did this every morning for almost 9 years rain or snow.

Once you practice it, you make it a habit, and became part of you!

Alibaba Group now has multiple forms of e-commerce platforms. He also invested in real estate, like buying a vineyard in France. If you want to become like Jack Ma, follow his tips and advises.
Google and Rescue Operation

Be Inspired by this Letter



A letter to her love one that she had indebtedness. I really admire the writer wishes or promises to repaying back after her schooling.

I remember in my teenage days, I go to school and learn something better for my future. But unknowingly, my parents do unconditional efforts just to let their children finished their studies.

My elder sister is now a Registered Nurse and my brother is an Accountant. And I graduated in Chemical Engineering school in Davao City and now practicing real estate brokerage here in Manila. And until now hoping to repay them back their efforts. And hopefully I could!

If I will ask you right now.

How many children are being sent to school every day but have no interest to learn?

How many children right now are interested to go to school and wanted to learn yet their parents or love ones do not have the capacity to pay their tuition fees?

Beyond this statement: “I feel sorry because I can’t give you what you want.”

An unconditional love, leaving no penny for him just to let this girl finishes her study.  Focusing only to let the girl finishes her study and gets a good job.

Wishing this girl could get a better job! Always remember, you can do all things. God bless you!

Read this letter: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN


FEAR: Is it stopping you to decide?



Making tough decision is the one that many people are afraid. Why, it’s the FEAR OF FAILURE..

4 years ago, I’ve made a decision for a career change, from chemical engineering to real estate brokerage. I thought it was easy to make decisions like this… What I thought is being a real estate broker is an easy career as what I’ve noticed to other successful real estate brokers.

Many people became rich because of real estate investment, one best example was Donald Trump one of the Real Estate Emperor in United States of America.

I decided to take a licensure exam for real estate brokers in my country (Philippines) as a requirement to be in real estate service. I’ve passed the EXAM! Yes, I did it! But it’s only the beginning of my battle against FAILURES…..

As the months passed by, I made my first property sale. So, I decided to resign from my day job. At first I regret to resign but I have to focus on my new career. I attended many seminars from successful investors and one of them became my mentor and friend. Not all of my experiences in real estate industry are successful but many times I failed. But failures keep me going to take my decision to a right journey.

One of my mentor told me that before taking things right, you have to make a PLAN, a very good PLAN. Once you don’t make a PLAN, you PLAN to FAIL! I take it as a challenge in my life my daily task with clarity of what I have in my plans in life. I am not saying that TODAY as I write this blog that I am now one of the most successful people in my career. But I noticed some changes and improvements in my life. IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT AND HAPPY BATTLE in my life.

All I can share to my readers before making TOUGH DECISIONS are as follows.

  1. You must have a plan. A BETTER PLAN.
  2. Recognize your fear.
  3. You must have CLARITY of what you want. Make sure you have enough information.
  4. Look for a mentor that truly succeeded in his life.
  5. Once you decide, there is no going back. Going back means you are a quitter. Once you quit! You failed!
  6. Trust your gut!
  7. Pray for God’s guidance. I am not saying that I believe in God. But I believed that there is someone up there knows more than what you think. HAVE FAITH!
  8. Do it. Most people fails at this step, don’t be one of them.

After making a decision, take rest at the moment. When you are fully present, you realize that you are always on your path. Once you open yourself up to endless opportunities, your creativity and courage will guide you towards self-fulfillment.

The Road Less Traveled

To my readers, I am happy to hear from you through comments below about what do you think about decision-making and why some people failed. Please give us some simple steps. God Bless!