Water: Driving force of life


A travel to Balicasag Island with my wife

I took this photo last April 2011 in Panglao, Bohol. Almost 5 years already.

As we sail to BALICASAG ISLAND in Bohol, we never know what is coming in this body of water, a small wave or a big one. But we trust our sailor because he is more experience than us. He knows how to maneuver the boat fluently even there is a big wave.

I always remember that water is a driving force of nature. It creates life and abundance that leave you fulfillment in life.

Always remember, we all have the same wind that blows on us all. It could be a wind of failures, political, etc. What matters is how we set the sail. How we focus on our dreams. How we set the sail to our goals in life. How deeper we believe on our dreams.

It is how we organize our plans to make all things done.

Water is part of our lives. A man can learn so many things.


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