Be Inspired by this Letter



A letter to her love one that she had indebtedness. I really admire the writer wishes or promises to repaying back after her schooling.

I remember in my teenage days, I go to school and learn something better for my future. But unknowingly, my parents do unconditional efforts just to let their children finished their studies.

My elder sister is now a Registered Nurse and my brother is an Accountant. And I graduated in Chemical Engineering school in Davao City and now practicing real estate brokerage here in Manila. And until now hoping to repay them back their efforts. And hopefully I could!

If I will ask you right now.

How many children are being sent to school every day but have no interest to learn?

How many children right now are interested to go to school and wanted to learn yet their parents or love ones do not have the capacity to pay their tuition fees?

Beyond this statement: “I feel sorry because I can’t give you what you want.”

An unconditional love, leaving no penny for him just to let this girl finishes her study.  Focusing only to let the girl finishes her study and gets a good job.

Wishing this girl could get a better job! Always remember, you can do all things. God bless you!

Read this letter: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN



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