Over 1.4 Million Pesos!!


I just made the ads just 5 days… and achieve my first sale…


One Saturday morning, it was a rainy day, I have to meet one of my client in Pasig City for a tripping and presentation. Before I met this client…. I received an inquiry… a caller inquiring for Ilustrata Residences…… I answered her inquiries but I did not meet her but somebody met her and closes the deal!!!!(well, I also prequalified that client thru my ads and advices).


Here is my story!!!

It’s 4:30pm and I’m out in my office…….

…..and excited to do my next job…… Real Estate Online Marketing!!!

 It is very difficult to a professional with a full-time job as an employee and at the same time a Newbie Licensed Real Estate Broker.

I ask myself, “How can I achieve my very first sale in first 6 months in Real Estate Business?”

Well, I really thank God that CARENet is there teaching me through Coach Rovel, Coach Mike Quililan and Coach Joemar (CARENet’s Online Marketing Guru).

They are great guys in the group…..I learned from their experiences and expertise…… but I don’t want to rely only on what they had teaches me, but, I have to explore more knowledge in Online Marketing.

As I go on in my Internet Life (I am not saying that I am addicted online… I must get hooked in online marketing strategies), there I met my new friend……. Mr. Google and other online friends.

Online Search Engines

Before knocking off to bed I wanted to have a quick peep at my website stats as I’ve been doing some awesome stuff lately … and guess what?


I just hit the first ad in Google Search Engine!!

Crazy I know … and now I’m not going to get any sleep as I’m so excited and here I am telling you about it.


Want to know how I did it?


Many advertisers are offering me to post my ads in their website and also I subscribed one of them, It cost me Php12,400 for 3 months that was in the month of April 2012.


I thought I’d never see this day… but I just witnessed it first hand and the feeling is just amazing.


At least 5 inquiries a day or 1 – 2 inquiries per advertisement.


But I’m going to tell you how I did it and for this you’ll need to keep an open mind and think ‘outside’ the box. If you can, then carry on reading …


Did I say that Mr. Google is my friend?….. Yes it was, He helps me everything that I need in my marketing strategies.



Mr. Google give me exactly the keyword demands during I search in his Engine. It gives me an analysis in every competition even some competitors paid for a subscription for their ads.


All I had to worry about then was … shall I make ‘some’ money today?


Seriously……. I made only 4 simple steps of marketing plan.


Step 1: What am I going to promote?


Think of a Real Estate property that you are going to promote. Something that you want to buy, sell, and share it to others. You cannot market a product if you don’t like it and hate it……and remember if you market what you don’t like to market it will ruin your second strategy………


Step 2: Do the research.


Research…… you must look into it if how many of you online are marketing the property. That’s what we called spotting how many competitor’s are there!!!!! Search for a very good keyword to use to, so that you will remain on the top. Learn from the strengths and weaknesses of you competitors and discover its opportunities and new threats in you ads.


Step 3: Send Traffic on demand.


After choosing those best keywords, then manage traffics by consistently monitoring the standing of your ads and its competition. Sending emails to your contacts, probably all your contacts in your database must receive of what you want to share it with them. Avoid spamming thru emails or else you will be blocked. Well…… before doing this you must learn how to brand your ads online. I recommend LinkedIn and Facebook to brand yourself online (it is a different topic or you can ask your coach how).


Step 4: Work with your team.


Every one brings different strengths and qualities to the table. It keeps everyone on the same page.  If everyone is focused on the same goal, good things happen. So workout with your team!!!




I have never in my entire career of internet marketing seen anything so simple yet so

powerfully effective.


My goal right now is to belong and officially join the 1% Internet Marketing Elite. Which includes the Top Salesmen, also includes the Multi Million Dollar corporations.


Only the difference is that, I worked in my home, at my own time…… and writing this blog in my convenient time.


All what I am doing right now is FOCUS in my goals, FOCUS in my dreams, FOCUS in my Marketing Plan and FOCUS in my Strategies and develop it always.


FOCUS in every aspect of your strategy…….


~Ryan Bonn Duadua +63927-882-5518



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